Vörunúmer 9900-CODE49BLKXEU

M-Audio Code 49 svart

Vörunúmer 9900-CODE49BLKXEU
Verðmeð VSK
39.990 kr.
M-Audio Code 49 svart
M-Audio Code 49 svart


  • 49 full-size, velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch and four assignable zones for splits and layering.
  • Fully assignable XY pad for HID control and a unique way for controlling multiple parameters in virtual instruments
  • 16 fully assignable velocity-sensitive trigger pads for beat production, clip launching, and more
  • 8 assignable 360 encoders for manipulating your DAW, virtual instruments and plugins
  • 9 assignable faders lets you control your DAW, virtual instruments and plugins
  • 9 assignable buttons lets you assign keyboard hotkey and MIDI messages for controlling your DAW and Virtual Instruments
  • Mackie/HUI transport control enables for a simple setup with the most popular DAWs
  • LCD provides instant parameter feedback
  • Sustain and Volume pedal input for further creative control
  • USB-powered with 5 pin MIDI in and out allows for sending MIDI from PC sequencers to your favorite analog synth
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite
  • Includes Hybrid 3.0 and Loom by AIR Music Technology
  • Includes VIP3.0 - the ground-breaking, award-winning music software platform that provides musicians and composers with a powerful hands-on control solution for their virtual instrument and virtual effect collectio


  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
    • 33.9" x 10.0" x 2.8"
    • 86cm x 25.5cm x 7.1cm
  • Weight
    • 9.9 lbs
    • 4.5 kg


  • Minimum: Windows 7 (32 and 64); Windows 10 Compatible
  • Minimum: OSx 10.7.5
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