Vörunúmer FOCAL-ECH6060501-BL0

Focal Chorus 605 Black Ash stk

Vörunúmer FOCAL-ECH6060501-BL0
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30.990 kr.

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Focal Chorus 605 2-Way Bass-Reflex Bookshelf Speaker

Focal Chorus 605 Black Ash stk
Focal Chorus 605 Black Ash stk

Verð pr. stk.

The Focal Chorus 605 bookshelf speakers are a new release from the famous French loudspeaker designer and manufacturer, Focal.Like all Focal speakers the speaker drivers are made in France, which is amazing considering their price.This ensures a high level of quality control Focal have become synonymous with.For the price, the Focal 605 is a compact bookshelf speaker punching well above its weight.

New speaker driver and cabinet construction innovations ensure the 605’s meet the expectations placed on Focal’s successful Chorus range.They feature polyglass mid/bass drivers found in higher range models, the Alpha Monitors. Stiffer than Kevlar, they ensure accurate bass whilst also handing the mids really well.The inverted tweeter made of aluminium and magnesium has already been demonstrated in the brands more expensive speakers. The tweeter's Poron surround is inherited from theFocal Utopia range which start at $18,000 a pair.All this explains why the Chorus 605s are one of the best value bookshelf speakers to be released in years.

Reviews have been glowing, suggesting Focal’s latest edition to the Chorus line, ‘a wise choice’.This certainly reiterates the exceptional value that is to be had in owning a pair of Chorus 605 bookshelf speakers.

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