Focal Sopra 2 Orange stk.

Verðmeð VSK
695.000 kr.

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Þessi sýningareintök eru á 25% afslætti frá gömlu verð - sem var 645.000. Á þessum 25% afslætti frá því verði aðeins  483.750 þús. kr. stk. !!!

Focal Sopra 2 Orange stk.
Focal Sopra 2 Orange stk.

Reveal the invisible*

3-way high-end loudspeaker – 2 x 7'' woofers

Sopra N°2 is the new epitome of today’s premium loudspeakers. It perfectly combines dynamics, space optimisation and harmonic richness.

Sopra n°2 clearly inaugurates a new era for the “Premium High End” by taking into account new performance criteria. Compact, modern, a pure design, character... all these are essential factors to ensure perfect integration into your interior.

Equipped with best midrange drivers ever developed by Focal, with the NIC and TMD technologies, Sopra n°2 pushes back the limits of sound reproduction in terms of transparency in a very compact enclosure. Indeed, unlike Utopia, which is extravagant by essence and where size is by no means a constraint, Sopra aims for maximal compactness to ensure easy integration into reasonably sized rooms. Sopra n°2 is perfectly at ease in rooms measuring up to 320ft2 (30m2), and is even ideal for larger rooms measuring up to 750ft2 (70m2).

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