Vörunúmer FOCAL-SUB 300

Focal Sub 300

Vörunúmer FOCAL-SUB 300
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89.991 kr.
Focal Sub 300
Focal Sub 300


High-performance bass for movies and music

Even though Focal designed the Sub 300 P specifically to complement their Chorus speaker line, this subwoofer will add clear, deep bass to any home theater or stereo system. It includes an efficient 300-watt Class D amplifier that drives a solidly constructed 11-inch front-firing woofer. Made from Polyglass, a lightweight yet incredibly strong material, the driver responds rapidly and produces very little unwanted resonance. This allows the Sub 300 P to add deep, accurate bass to your movies and music, for a difference you can hear and “feel.” Housing the woofer and amp is a stiff, one-inch thick MDF enclosure. The heavy-duty cabinet isn’t just there for protection – it cuts down on undesirable vibrations, keeping the bass smooth and punchy rather than overly “boomy.”
Front of Focal Sub 300 P (grille removed)

Easy connections

Focal makes it easy to integrate the Sub 300 P with your existing system. You can hook your receiver or other audio components up to the sub through its LFE or dual line-level RCA connections. Use the Sub 300 P’s speaker-level inputs and outputs to connect a receiver without a dedicated subwoofer output. Adjustable rear-panel controls for crossover and subwoofer volume allow you to easily match up the 300 P with your other speakers. Plus, a phase switch lets you tweak the sub’s output for more precise bass response.
Built in-house by Focal for better quality and value

The Sub 300 P is developed and built in-house at Focal’s facilities in Saint-Etienne, France. Why is that important? Because it gives Focal complete control over every aspect of design, manufacture, and quality control – resulting a consistently superior, high-value product.

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