Vörunúmer NAIM-000040136

Naim Int-Amp Nait-5si

Vörunúmer NAIM-000040136
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Naim Int-Amp Nait-5si
Naim Int-Amp Nait-5si
NAIT 5si Integrated Amplifier

The NAIT 5si is our 60W per channel introduction to high-performance integrated amplification. Another Naim Audio amplifier that can claim a common heritage with our classic NAIT model, the NAIT 5si will get straight to the heart of your music. It engages even the most complex rhythms and demanding dynamics with all the grip and authority you would expect from us. Its clever AV bypass mode, which facilitates an easy co-existence of otherwise distinct AV and hi-fi systems, simply adds to its appeal.

  • 60W per channel power output
  • Four inputs with support for both DIN and RCA connections
  • 1/4” (6.35mm) headphone output
  • AV bypass mode for simple connection to an existing AV system
NAIT 5si Integrated Amplifier
NAIT 5si Integrated Amplifier
Technology & Craft

Decades have passed, but the role of the NAIT 5si is fundamentally the same as its original forebear. So the engineering challenge - to maximise performance whilst maintaining engineering efficiency, quality and reliability - hasn't changed. Amplifier technology has moved on considerably however, and while the NAIT 5si occupies the same position in the Naim Audio range as the original NAIT, its performance might be from a different world.

The NAIT 5si provides four analogue inputs and a 60 Watt per channel power amplifier. It borrows numerous technologies from across the spectrum of Naim Audio products; all dedicated towards maximising its ability to communicate the fundamentals of music. And communicate it does. The NAIT 5si brings clarity, engaging dynamics and, most of all, infectious enthusiasm to every music source and genre.



A Naim Audio Retailer will recommend the right system for you, however you may choose to partner the NAIT 5si with the following as a start:

ND5 XS                                       CD5 SI                                FOCAL Aria 900


Audio Inputs

Input Sensitivity       150mV
Input Impedance     20kΩ
Analogue Input     2 x DIN, 4 x RCA
Audio Outputs Line Outputs Fixed (level)     150mV, 600Ω
Audio Outputs     Speakers, HDD
Other Outputs     Headphone, 1/4" jack
Speaker Outputs
Power Output     60W/channel, 8Ω
Transient     300VA
Remote Control     Infra Red (RC5)
User Control
Front Panel     Volume Control, four button matrix
Mains Supply     100V, 115V, 230V; 50 or 60Hz
Power Consumption (max.) 300VA
Power Consumption (quiescent) 19VA

Physical Dimensions (HxWxD) 70 x 432 x 301 mm
Weight 6.8 kg
Shipping Dimensions     200 x 590 x 500 mm
Shipping Weight 8.6 kg
Supplied with NARCOM-4 Remote Control,
Power-Line Lite mains cable


Front     Black powder coated
Case         Black powder coated

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