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Reason Essentials 10 retail

Vörunúmer PROP-131000010
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Reason 10 Essentials. Kjarninn úr Reason 10

Reason Essentials 10 retail
Reason Essentials 10 retail

The music production software Reason Essentials 10 from Propellerhead Software is a virtual studio offering instruments & effects, MIDI & audio tracks, and a dedicated professional mixer. Users can record an unlimited number of audio tracks and record-ready channels can be created in an instant. The software includes several features including bounce in place, reverse MIDI, and split notes with Razor tool, as well as Themes, which offers default, blue, or dark background settings.

The Reason Essentials 10 comes with all the essential tools for turning good ideas into songs. With its comprehensive sound bank and familiar creative flow, the software features the sounds and patches that let you focus on the music and finish better-sounding songs faster.

At the heart of the Reason Essentials is the virtual rack that builds itself as you create your song. Choose a synth, drum machine, loop player, or any device from the Create menu and it instantly appears in your rack logically patched into the signal chain. The rack can be filled with an infinite number of instruments, reverbs, distortion units, delays, dynamic processors, and mastering equalizers. While all audio connections are automatically made, a single key press turns the rack around for modifying the connections as required. Repatch by dragging the patch cord plug to the desired connector to build your own sounds.

For guitar and bass players, Reason comes with guitar and bass amp & cabinet models from Softube. With bass and guitar amplifiers available for every single track in your project, you are never short of interesting tones and timbres. With virtual amps, you are free to change your amplifier and cabinet settings at any point in time, even after laying down your track.

A powerful, easy-to-use sequencer is positioned below the rack. Capture instrument performances and automation, record and overdub audio, or draw in your notes with the mouse. Any mistakes can be easily corrected, adjusted, or quickly spliced together from multiple takes. A composite editor assists in building the perfect track simply by selecting the parts that work and muting the ones that don't. The time stretch feature lets you play now and then pick the tempo later. Change the song tempo on the fly, and all your audio tracks follow right along. To slow your song down to nail a tricky passage, just reduce the tempo, record your performance, and bring the tempo back up and for correcting the timing of your recordings to match the feel of your song. The built-in audio slicing automatically finds the individual hits in your performance. Resample your audio recording as REX files and continue working with your sounds and loops in the devices in the rack.

Reason Essentials' masterfully modeled mixing console gives you a built-in 2-band EQ on every channel, advanced effects handling, full automation, while the renowned master bus compressor gives you a professional sound.

Standard Features

  • Bounce in place: Lets you bounce the sound generated from playing back note or audio clips to a new audio clip on a new audio track. Bounce with any insert effects and channel strip coloration, but without send-FX and master-section settings
  • Reverse MIDI and automation: Reverse note (and automation) clips and events so you can play the events of the clip “backwards" (from the end to the start)
  • Split notes with Razor tool: Split/slice one or several notes in an open note clip
  • Themes: Choose from default, blue, or dark visual themes, which determine how the user interface is visually presented

Advanced Features

  • Streamlined user interface
  • Browser and search window provides instant accessibility to instruments, effects, presets, loops, and samples
  • Drag-and-drop support through any of Reason's windows. Drag instruments to create tracks and change presets within the sequencer and load samples directly to any device
  • Additional amp and speaker models from Softube offer further creative options with a variety of professional guitar and bass tones
  • Double-click to add or delete notes
  • Resize regions from both edges
  • Duplicate notes with quick commands
  • Track naming follows patch selection

Included Instruments

  • NN-XT advanced sampler
  • Dr. Octo Rex loop player
  • Redrum pattern-based drum machine
  • Subtractor analog subtractive synthesizer
  • ID-8 songwriter's toolbox
  • Combinator for building chains of instruments, effects, and pattern sequencers

Included Effects

  • Softube guitar & bass amp and cabinet modeling amplifier
  • DDL-1 digital delay line
  • CF-101 chorus/flanger
  • RV7000 advanced reverb
  • Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit
  • 4-band mastering EQ
  • Dual-band stereo imager
  • Stereo compressor with side-chain input, soft-knee mode, and CV out
  • Maximizer with look-ahead and soft clipping

Mixing Console Features

  • Complete channel strip for every instrument and audio channel
  • Gain
  • 2-band EQ
  • 4 send effects slots
  • Insert effect slot
  • Master compressor

Other Features

  • VST plug-in support
  • Unlimited audio recording and instrument channels
  • Six instruments including: NN-XT sampler, Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player, Redrum drum machine, Subtractor synth, ID-8, and Combinator
  • Ten effects including: delay, reverb, virtual amps, distortion, chorus/flanger, and mastering effects
  • Modeled mixing console with channel strip for every instrument and audio channel
  • Rack extension technology lets users expand their collection of instruments and effects with the devices they want
  • Fully featured high-precision multitrack sequencer with audio comping tools, slicing, and audio quantize
  • High-quality real-time time stretch lets you adjust the tempo of your whole song or alter the timing of a recorded performance
  • Bounce audio recordings to REX loop format for use in Reason Essentials' sampler or loop player
  • Remote mapping to external MIDI controllers and hardware control surfaces
  • Factory sound bank, with patches for Reason Essentials' devices, samples, and loops
  • ReWire support
  • Multi-core support and 64-bit compatibility makes Reason Essentials fast and powerful on most computers
  • Advanced exporting allows you to export separate mixer channels as individual audio stems, including effects and tempo track
  • ReGroove mixer real-time groove console
  • Matrix pattern-based sequencer
  • 14 x 2 mixer with equalizer and effects send/return
  • 6:2 channel stereo line mixer
  • Spider audio merger & splitter
  • Spider control voltage merger & splitter
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