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VOX AC15 C1 - 1x12 Combo Lim. Ed.

VOX AC15 C1 - 1x12 Combo Lim. Ed.

Samtals m/vsk
179.990 kr.

Introduced in 1958, AC15 has been the amp of choice for countless guitar players throughout the world. Now the AC15 Custom is available in a limited edition rich blue design. This standout look is the perfect addition to any guitarist’s Vox collection.

Samtals m/vsk
179.990 kr.

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The VOX AC15 is the amp that started it all.

Boasting both a Normal and Top Boost channel, the AC15 Custom is an all-tube, EL84 driven workhorse that delivers 15 watts of authentic British tone into your choice of a genuine Celestion Greenback speaker. The AC15 Custom also offers footswitchable spring reverb and classic Vox tremolo to enhance the already impressive sound.

Adored by the biggest names in music for nearly 60 years, the Vox AC15 Custom carries on the tradition that began in 1958 and offers guitarists the unmistakable sound of Vox, with all the refinements of a modern amplifier.


15 Watts RMS
16 Ohms


1 x 12″ Celestion G12M Greenback


1 x Normal Input Jack
1 x Top Boost Input Jack
1 x Foot Switch Jack


1 x External Speaker Jack
1 x Extension Speaker Jack


Master Volume, Master Tone Cut, Normal Volume, Top Boost Volume, Top Boost Bass, Top Boost Treble, Speaker Level, Tremolo (Depth, Speed)




602 x 265 x 456 mm | 23.70 x 10.43 x 17.95 inches
22 kg | 48.5 lbs


VFS2 Foot Switch

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Notað Fender Twin 1996

Fender Twin Amp til sölu. Þetta er svokallaður "Evil Twin". Framleiddur Janúar 1996 og nýkominn úr alsherjar yfir- og uppfærslu. Framleiðslu mistök og gallar lagaðir, splunkunýir lampar. Tvær rásir og tvær mismunandi gain stillingar. Þyngri en allt og er á hjólum. Mjög hávær en hægt er að minnka kraftinn. Fótrofi fylgir.
Samtals m/vsk
180.000 kr.
Á lager

Fender Mustang LT40S Gtr Amp

The Mustang LT40S is the newest addition to the popular Mustang LT series guitar amplifiers. It’s ideal for practicing and jamming at home, with 40 watts of stereo power, a pair of high-fidelity, full range 4-inch speakers, a super-simple user interface and full-color display. Mustang LT40S features a collection of presets covering a wide range of music—a “greatest hits” of electric guitar tones. The versatile signal chain with high-quality onboard amp and effects models produces amazing tones. And with the free Fender TONE LT Desktop app download, use your Mac or PC to edit, store and manage your presets with ease. The Mustang LT40S is a fun, flexible and easy-to-use modeling amp for any guitarist. It’s the only desktop amp in its class with such a rich feature set.
Samtals m/vsk
46.990 kr.
Á lager

Fender Pro Junior IV

Long-revered by players of all stripes, the Fender Pro Junior amp is a compact and straightforward 15-watt all-tube tone machine. It’s ideal for guitarists who enjoy touch-sensitive dynamic response and great clean-to-mean tones with an uncluttered feature set. The new Limited Edition Pro Junior IV SE is a simplified alternative to our core Lacquered Tweed model. It comes equipped with a Fender Special Design speaker for tight, well-balanced output with plenty of high-end sparkle. Its stage- and studio-ready style features black vinyl covering, aged silver grille cloth, and a chrome control panel with red jewel light, giving it the unmistakable look and vibe that’s classic Fender. Fun, flexible and pedal-friendly, the Pro Junior IV SE is an ideal addition to any electric guitarist’s amp collection.
Samtals m/vsk
119.990 kr.
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Fender Frontman 20G

The Frontman 20G brings together familiar Fender cosmetics and “best-in-class” sound quality at a great price point that fits every player’s budget. The 20G features a simple intuitive design that anyone, from beginners to pros, will immediately understand. It includes a clean channel with a volume and three EQ knobs for sonic flexibility, plus a separate switchable Drive channel with its own volume. It also comes with 1/8” auxiliary in to play along with your favorite tunes and a headphone jack for silent practice. The Frontman also puts out 20 watts into an 8” Special Design Speaker that delivers great tones when practicing or playing with friends.
Samtals m/vsk
24.990 kr.
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