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VNR.: KM21160-300-55

K-M Boom arm single

Samtals m/vsk
3.290 kr.

Short one-piece boom arm with 3/8" thread. Locking washer and plastic grip. Smooth adjustment. Easy to tighten with wing nut. 

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Samtals m/vsk
3.290 kr.

Nánari lýsing

Boom arm: one-piece design
Boom arm length: 395 mm
Clamping: wing nut
EAN: 4016842209910
Material: steel
Special features: short boom arm
Threaded connector: 3/8"
Type: black
Weight: 0.49 kg

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Standar hljóðnema - Fleiri vörur

K-M Mic klemma á stand 3/8"

The robust clamping element with the ergonomic clamping screw provides for a quick and easy mount to tubes with a diameter of up to 30 mm. Thanks to the 3/8" screw all K&M iPad holders or Tablet PC holders can be mounted easily.  Alternatively, an additional microphone or other accessories (with 3/8" threaded connector) can also be mounted. 
Samtals m/vsk
4.590 kr.
Á lager

K-M Mini boom arm

The short moveable microphone boom arm is suitable for many applications. It is particularly appropriate for overhead uses. There are 3/8“ and 5/8“ threaded connectors to take the microphone holder. Thanks to the flexible clamping, the boom arm can be positioned in length and angle with one simple movement.
Samtals m/vsk
3.990 kr.
Á lager

Presonus Shockmount f/PX1/M7

Shock mount for the PreSonus PX-1 and M7 microphones. Experienced recordists know that mechanical handling noise and environmental vibrations are very easily picked up by sensitive microphones—and the low bumps and rumbles they create can ruin otherwise perfect recordings! Keep physical vibrations out of your microphone and ensure the best-possible recording quality with the SHK-1 shock mount. The SHK-1 isolates your microphone from the mechanical vibrations of the physical world—meaning when you record, you only have your voice or instrument to worry about.
Samtals m/vsk
4.990 kr.
Á lager

K-M Thread adapt. 5/8-3/8 Zink

5/8" 27 gauge female thread, 3/8" male thread.
Samtals m/vsk
690 kr.
Á lager