Vörunúmer AMDJ1411100013

AmDJ VF400 reykvél

Vörunúmer AMDJ1411100013
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11.990 kr.

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 American DJ VF400 er lítill, létt og meðfærileg reykvél.

AmDJ VF400 reykvél
AmDJ VF400 reykvél

The ADJ VF400 very compact, 400W mobile Fog Machine that is great for mobile entertainers, and small nightclubs and bars that want to add atmosphere to their events, plus it allows people to see the beams from the lighting fixtures. The VF400 is equipped with a high efficiency heater that quickly burns through the fog liquid. It comes with a 0,25 liter internal fog fluid tank, has a fog fluid level indicator, comes with a wired remote control and uses water bases fog fluid.

- 400W mobile Fog Machine
- High efficiency heater block burns through fog with less residue
- Warm-up time: 5 minutes
- Output: 3,000 cubic ft. per min
- Internal fog fluid tank: 0,25 Liter
- Fluid level indicator
- Includes ADJ VF400R hardwired remote
- Only use high quality, water based fog fluid
- Power Draw: 400 W
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 250x180x200mm
- Weight: 2,12 kg.

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