Vörunúmer PAIS0881820

20t Paiste Alpha B Metal ride

Vörunúmer PAIS0881820
Verðmeð VSK
19.995 kr. Verð áður39.990 kr.
20t Paiste Alpha B Metal ride
20t Paiste Alpha B Metal ride

Paiste 20" Alpha Metal Ride
Sound Character: Metallic, strong, focused, dynamic. Fairly narrow range, raw mix. Heavy feel combined with a strong, glassy ping over aggressive, icy wash with subtle undertones. Perfectly suited for fast ride patterns at extreme volumes in metal music settings.



  • Sizes: 20"
  • Weight: extra heavy
  • Volume: medium to very loud
  • Stick Sound: glassy, clean, strong
  • Intensity: lively
  • Sustain: long
  • Bell Character: strong, present
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