Vörunúmer FEUR-12510CH

Feurich Mod 125 Black Polished

Vörunúmer FEUR-12510CH
Verðmeð VSK
670.990 kr.
Feurich Mod 125 Black Polished
Feurich Mod 125 Black Polished

This beautifully designed upright piano is a bigger and more technically elaborate version of the best-selling FEURICH 122. The piano’s sound is enhanced by the introduction of more detailed CNC milling and the introduction of duplex scaling. The attention to detail in the case design makes this elegant piano look good in any setting.

  • duplex scaling for extra brilliance & sparkle in the sound
  • elaborate CNC milling techniques for purity of tone in bass
  • elegant design on casing and exterior finish
  • Wurzen AA quality hammerhead felts
  • real wooden black keys
  • extra legroom under the keybed––65cm
  • celeste pedal for quiet playing mode––perfect for sensitive neighbours!

The 125 – Design is an instrument which boasts a sound performance to satisfy even the most discerning of pianists, and with its elegantly designed exterior, it will make a welcome addition to any home.

The 125 – Design is available in black, with inlays in brass or chrome, and can easily be fitted with the optional

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