Sakae Trilogy 14x65 Green Spkl

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Sakae Trilogy 14x65 Green Spkl
Sakae Trilogy 14x65 Green Spkl

Sakae drums are produced by Sakae Rhythm, a high quality Japanese drum manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan. With over 40 years of drum building experience, Sakae have moulded into a trusted brand and are growing everyday. There are many professional drummers playing Sakae drums including Ash Soan, Neal Wilkinson, Steve Jordan, Jack Pollitt and many more.

This 14"x6.5" maple/poplar/maple snare has a well balanced, rich tone and a great stick response. The shells are perfectly round and feature precisely cut bearing edges allowing for clear attack, great tone and a wide tuning range.

The RIGHTY HALO rim features an outward flanged rim, allowing the harmonics of the drum to be fully expressed. The result is a wide open sound, great for any genre of music!

The Snare Strainer has a smooth operation and is easy to engage, whilst the wires have increased thickness and more strands giving a crisp, sharp response.


  • SHELL: 3ply
  • SIZE: 14"x6.5"
  • LUGS: 8 Die Cast
  • HOOPS: Clarion Halo 1.6mm 14 x 8H
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