Vörunúmer KM12227-000-55

K-M hilla með glasahöldu+armi

Vörunúmer KM12227-000-55
Verðmeð VSK
10.990 kr.

Nánari upplýsingar

Practical tray that can be attached to all stands with a tube diameter of 25 to 42 mm. The usable tray area is 250 x 330 mm and is ideal for smaller electronic devices such as mixers, controllers or tablets. An additional recess in the plate ensures convenient cable routing. Another useful feature is the can/cup holder. The robust steel construction is ideal for percussion and other music accessories. A foam insert dampens vibrations and prevents unpleasant background noises. The distance to the stand as well as the alignment of the plate can also be individually adjusted.

K-M hilla með glasahöldu+armi
K-M hilla með glasahöldu+armi
Dimensions: 250 x 330 mm
EAN: 4016842114344
Material: steel
Screw-on to: tube diameter up to 42 mm
Special features: can/cup holder is included; with slot for convenient cable routing; a foam insert is included
Type: black
Weight: 1.915 kg
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