Vörunúmer KM25800-311-55

K-M Mic mic festing m/bómu

Vörunúmer KM25800-311-55
Verðmeð VSK
9.590 kr.

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This variable microphone clamp has everything you need. A sophisticated mechanism allows the clamp to be rotated 360°. At the same time the height and position can be varied as required. A supplementary extension tube can be used for an even greater range. The clamping width of 0 to 48 mm allows the clamp to be attached to a wide variety of surfaces. The stable metal construction with high quality plastic inserts guarantees secure and strong hold.The cleverly shaped clamping parts allow the clamp to be used on smooth surfaces and round-shaped tubes.

K-M Mic mic festing m/bómu
K-M Mic mic festing m/bómu
Clamping: locking screw
Clamping range: up to 48 mm
EAN: 4016842821518
Height: from 560 to 1,020 mm
Material: steel
Rod combination: 2-piece folding design
Swivel: 360 °
Threaded connector: 3/8"
Type: black
Weight: 0.76 kg
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