Vörunúmer KM23910-000-55

K-M Quick release f/ mic stand

Vörunúmer KM23910-000-55
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The König & Meyer Quick Release Adapter makes quickly switching of microphones or other accessories on stage or in studio easier. The adapter consists of two components. The lower section is screwed into the 3/8" or 5/8" microphone stand thread, and the upper section is screwed on using a 3/8" or 5/8" microphone clamp or holder or to other accessories. The lower section ensures the secure and flexible hold of the upper section through 8 punched bore holes. The upper section is used to remove or click the microphone into place using the quick-release adapter. By pressing the scored plastic handle on the upper section both sections can either be disconnected or clicked in place. The adapter is made of high-quality aluminum. A thread adapter is included with the delivery for 5/8" threading. Both adapter components can be left attached to the stand i.e. on the microphone/accessories.

K-M Quick release f/ mic stand
K-M Quick release f/ mic stand
Dimensions diameter: 22.5 x 50.7 mm
EAN: 4016842826506
Male thread: 3/8" with thread adapter 5/8"
Material: aluminum
Special features: incl. thread adapter 3/8" - 5/8"
Type: black
Weight: 0.04 kg
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