Vörunúmer 9900-BX3PAIRBT

M-Audio BX3 mónitorar par BT

Vörunúmer 9900-BX3PAIRBT
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BX3 BT Bluetooth® Monitors

3.5" Black Kevlar® 120-Watt Multimedia Bluetooth® Reference Monitors (pair) | Music Production | Live Streaming | Podcasting
M-Audio BX3 mónitorar par BT
M-Audio BX3 mónitorar par BT

M-Audio BX3 BT Bluetooth®-enabled multimedia reference monitors deliver professional sound in an attractive compact design. Engineered for a pristine listening experience with the flexibility to stream music and audio from any Bluetooth® device, BX3 BT monitors have the latest Bluetooth® technology combined with rich studio-quality sound.

Amazing Sound, Compact Form

Designed to deliver a great listening experience, M-Audio's BX3 BT monitors provide 120 Watts of amazing sound inside a bold, style-driven compact design that provides the ultimate solution for pro-grade sound. The two-way design features an Acoustically-inert MDF cabinet with bass reflex that provides robust lows through the Black Kevlar® drivers. Plus, enhanced rear ports and computer-optimized natural silk dome tweeters deliver the full spectrum of frequencies needed for any song, movie, or video game to sound big and lifelike!

Connect Your Devices


The BX3 BT's front and rear panel offer all the connections you would need to connect any playback device. The rear panel features 1/4", 1/8", and RCA inputs, while the front panel features 1/8-inch aux input a headphone connection that turns the speakers off for private listening. Very helpful for those late nights in the home office or mixing sessions where you don't want to disturb anyone.

Active Speaker Controls & EQ


M-Audio BX3 BT features controls on the rear panel that let you customize the EQ and active speaker placement. High-EQ and Low-EQ controls enable anyone to add some extra rumble or clarity to their music. The Left/Right Active Speaker Position switch lets you choose which speaker is the Left or Right side. This is very useful if you are left-handed and want the speaker with the front panel volume control on your left side.

MPC Beats Included

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