Vörunúmer 2545MBH110054Z

MarkBass Evo1 + fótstýring

Vörunúmer 2545MBH110054Z
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MarkBass hátæknilegur bassamagnari! MarkBass EVO1 er með tvær rásir og á hvorri rás eru módel af 6 mismunandi mögnurum - þannig að það er hægt að ná úr honum allskonar dásamlegum hljóðum. Það er hægt að tengja hann við tölvu og með EVO 1 hugbúnaðinum hægt að skipta út magnaramódelum og stilla þetta allt til. Snilldargræja. Hægt að stýra henni með EVO1 Controller fetlinum sem fylgir með.

MarkBass Evo1 + fótstýring
MarkBass Evo1 + fótstýring

The Markbass EVO1 head is the result of the mix between classic and advanced technology evolution to allow bassists to have not only just a 'gorgeous' bass sound, but always the 'right' sound... no matter which genres and techniques you're playing!!! It offers six AMPS tone choices for each of the two channelsclean and distorted.

Bass players have always been inspired by the possibility to mix two amplifiers tones and to blend clean and distorted sounds as Jaco Pastorius did back in the years. With the Markbass EVO 1 that's possible, opening many more sound options experimenting two amps playing simultaneously.

Both channels feature classic standard amp controls interface and one effect each (you can update AMPs and effects picking and downloading your favorite ones from our website), MIDI In port, on board tuner, aux in and headphones out, FX loops, XLR Line Outs, and a powerful 500W MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology) power amp.


EVO 1 Software

You can update AMPs choices on each channel at your preference thanks to the MARKBASS EVO 1 SOFTWARE, that also allows to update FX choices for each channel and customize their parameters, plus you can set the Boost level that can be switched on/off via MIDI.

Download the latest version for WIN/MAC in the download area

MB EVO 1 Controller

The Markbass EVO 1 CONTROLLER allows to engage CH1 / CH2 or MIX both, turn on/off the FX1, FX2 and BOOST, plus accessing the TUNER with MUTE function pressing and holding the boost switch. The Markbass EVO 1 can be controlled also via programmable MIDI pedalboard.

Markbass Amp Bag Large

The optional Markbass Amp Bag Large allows you to trasport your Markbass EVO 1 head in a knapsack along with cables, charts, etc. Ultra-handy for in-town gear transport.
Check it out HERE


At DV Mark, Marco De Virgiliis invested a lot of resouces in R&D to develope a proprietary power amp technology, designed to respect and glorify the tone of your instrument

Watch the MARKBASS EVO1 official video!

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