AKAI MPC Live2 Retro

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The Akai MPC revolutionised how music was created, recorded and performed. This cutting-edge instrument provided producers and beatmakers with new and unparalleled sequencing and sampling functions. It’s regarded as one of the most influential electronic instruments ever produced, leaving an indelible mark on not just the hip-hop genre, but recorded music itself.

Each iteration (from the MPC 60, to the MPC 3000) had an instantly recognisable look that matched it's iconic sound and workflow; grey pads, complimented by a simple cream finish. Now, thanks to the MPC Live II Retro, you can experience the same legendary visuals, with modern engineering, updates and enhancements across the board! 

AKAI MPC Live2 Retro
AKAI MPC Live2 Retro

Standalone Beat Making

The MPC Live II Retro functions as a standalone piece of equipment; you can get creative without the need for a laptop or computer. Thanks to a rechargeable onboard lithium-ion battery - with 5 hours of battery life - you can even craft your beats anywhere, anytime. 

A durable, compact design ensures that it'll withstand the trials and tribulations of the road with absolute ease too. 

Tools of the Trade 

You'll be using the very same 16 velocity sensitive pad layout that's since become synonymous with Akai's MPC to build your tracks. They're complimented by a 7-inch touch screen which is used to chop, edit and then sequence your desired samples. 

Ideas can be moulded and tweaked even further with the range of hands-on capacitive-touch knobs and buttons - incorporated in a way that directly benefits your workflow.  

Audio Engineering  

With a meticulously designed onboard stereo monitoring system, every single sound is generated in astounding clarity. The dual tweeter woofer lets you hear the smallest nuances of your creations - from pounding bass and powerful kicks, to the crack of a snare and wash of your hi-hats. 

You can connect the MPC to external speakers too if you want another way to reference your productions too!  

Flexible Connectivity 

Thanks to a whole suite of versatile connectivity options (listed below), you'll be able to hook up the MPC Live II Retro to your external studio equipment, making it the centre piece of your production and/or performance setup! 

Superb Storage 

There's 16GB of internal Micro SD storage available, giving you plenty of room to store your creations. If you require even more options though, a user-expandable 2.5-inch SATA drive bay - used to connect HDD/SSD drives - and an in-built SD card slot, plus a USB thumb input offer effortless integration of your custom sample library. 

Software Synergy  

Your MPC Live II Retro seamlessly integrates with both Ableton Live and Splice. With Ableton, you'll be able to take control of instrument, mixer and launching systems via the MPC, opening up exciting new options for performance and production. 

Onboard Splice functionality makes previewing and browsing samples incredibly straightforward. Speaking of samples, Splice Sounds provides you with millions of sounds, presets and of course, samples from a wide variety of genres. Each is royalty-free, and high-quality in nature - giving you the building blocks needed for great sounding beats from the outset.  

Add to this MPC Software 2 - a production system that can be used in controller or standalone modes - and you'll have access to real-time time stretching, DAW integration, clip-launch functionality and more! 


  • Standalone MPC - operate without a computer/laptop. 
  • 16 RGB pads (velocity sensitive). 
  • Hi-res multi-touch screen. 
  • In-built monitors. 
  • 3 months of Splice access. 
  • Ableton Link. 
  • Bluetooth/Wi-fi enabled. 
  • x4 TRS CV/Gate jacks (8 outputs). 
  • x2 USB-A 3.0 slots (for your MIDI controllers/thumb drives). 
  • 2.5-inch SATA drive connector (HDD or SSD), user-expandable. 
  • SD card slot (full-size).
  • 16GB of integrated storage. 
  • 2GB RAM. 
  • x2 5-pin MIDI out/x2 5-pin MIDI in. 
  • x3 stereo outputs (6 mono). 
  • Line level and phono inputs. 
  • Can be used as a control surface for MPC 2 software. 
  • Rechargeable onboard lithium-ion battery. 



  • Pads: (16) velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, RGB-backlit
  • (8) banks accessible via Pad Bank buttons
  • Knobs: (4) 360° touch-sensitive Q-Link Knobs, (4) Q-Link Knob columns accessible via Q-Link button, (1) 360° encoder for display navigation and selection via push
  • Buttons: (27) dedicated function buttons; red-, amber-, or green-backlit
  • Display: 6.9” / 176mm (diagonal), 5.9” x 3.7” / 150 x 93mm (width x height),
  • Full-colour LED-backlit display with touch interface
  • Power: via power adapter: 19 V, 3.42 A, centre-positive, included. Via battery: lithium-ion, rechargeable, up to 5 hours of battery life


  • Processor: Quad-core ARM® processor 
  • RAM: 2GB, Storage: 16GB, expandable via SATA connections


  • (2) ¼” (6.35mm) TRS inputs (1 stereo pair)
  • (6) ¼” (6.35mm) TRS outputs (3 stereo pairs)
  • (1) ¼” (6.35mm) stereo headphone output
  • (2) RCA inputs (1 stereo pair)
  • (2) 5-pin MIDI inputs
  • (2) 5-pin MIDI outputs
  • (4) Stereo CV/Gate outputs
  • (1) Ethernet link port
  • (2) USB Type-A ports
  • (1) USB Type-B port
  • (1) SD card slot
  • (1) power adapter input
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