Vörunúmer AMDJ1115000006

Am.Audio UCD100 CD spilari 19"

Vörunúmer AMDJ1115000006
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69.990 kr.
Am.Audio UCD100 CD spilari 19"
Am.Audio UCD100 CD spilari 19"

The American Audio UCD-100 Single CD & MP3-CD Player is a rugged, multi-format CD deck well suited for recording studios, dance studios, restaurants, bars, commercial audio installations and more. The single CD deck supports CD, CD-R and MP3-CDs, and 2 USB ports (front and rear mounted) will connect mass-storage devices such has hard-drives and MP3 players. Its large LCD display provides track information, BPM count and more. The UCD-100 features balanced XLR analog outputs for connection to professional audio gear. Additional features include adjustable pitch control, remote control operation, Auto / Manual BPM counter, and more.

  • 19-inch rack mount single CD/MP3 Player
  • Plays MP3, CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs
  • LCD Display shows track name when a MP3 disc is played
  • Includes Infrared Remote Control with volume control + other features
  • 2 USB music inputs (1 on front, 1 on rear) for external music sources (hard drive, MP3 Players, Thumb Drives, SD Cards with adapters)
  • XLR Balanced Output on rear - send audio signal directly to Powered Speakers
  • RCA Outputs
  • Seamless Loop
  • Auto & Manual BPM Counter
  • +10 track advance button
  • Mechanical Anti Skip Protection
  • Quick MP3/CD recognition
  • Pitch (CD Source): Hyper Pitch (+/-4%, +/-8%,+/-16%,+/-100%)
  • Pitch (MP3 Source): (+/-4%, +/-8%,+/-16%)
  • Tempo Lock
  • Bright LCD display
  • Single/Continue Mode and Time Remaining/Time Gone-By Viewing
  • Frame search
  • Jog Wheel - control
  • Power Consumption: 13W
  • Includes American Audio Database Builder Program (PC Only - See specs for hardware requirements)
  • Multi-voltage Power Supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
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