Vörunúmer DENON-LC6000X

Denon LC6000 stýring f SC6000

Vörunúmer DENON-LC6000X
Verðmeð VSK
119.990 kr.

Nánari upplýsingar

The Denon DJ LC6000 PRIME is the world's most versatile DJ controller.
Bringing professional club style layout, design, and control to both standalone and laptop-based DJ workflows.

Denon LC6000 stýring f SC6000
Denon LC6000 stýring f SC6000

Highlight Features

Professional build quality and components
Controls Engine OS Media Players
Plug-and-play compatible with DJ apps
8.5" jog wheel with RGB color ring & tension adjust
HD color wheel display
Smooth 100 mm pitch fader
8 Multi-function performance pads
Dedicated navigation controls
Seamless & intuitive Auto Looping
USB powered (optional power supply included)

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