Vörunúmer KM12190-000-56

K&M Fartölvu standur á borð

Vörunúmer KM12190-000-56
Verðmeð VSK
17.990 kr.

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This foldable and space-saving laptop stand is a must-have for every mobile DJ and musician. Due to its functionality and versatility, it can be assembled and disassembled very easily. The robust steel tube construction in combination with the attractive aluminium foot and support plate ensures excellent stability despite its low weight. Individually adjustable stop pins with rubber caps allow the use of all common laptop models, mixers, CD players, etc. The horizontal height is 320 mm and can be inclined in 3 steps. Non-slip rubber pads are included in the delivery.

K&M Fartölvu standur á borð
K&M Fartölvu standur á borð
Adjustment: tilt gradual in 3 settings
Angle of inclination: 0° to 35°
Bearing plate: 264 x 304 mm
Dimensions: 298 x 261 x 320 mm
EAN: 4016842108732
Material: steel tube, aluminum plates
Max. load capacity: 8 kg
Size when folded: 329 x 304 x 66 mm
Special features: individually adjustable stop pins; non-slip rubber pads are included
Type: structured black
Weight: 1.74 kg
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