Vörunúmer PROP-2538

Reason Rhythm Combo ReFill

Vörunúmer PROP-2538
Verðmeð VSK
24.990 kr.
Reason Rhythm Combo ReFill
Reason Rhythm Combo ReFill

Eight Hypersampled electric Bass Guitars.

A mass of playable, mixable acoustic drum kits.

Rhythm combo is the perfect rhythm section for your Reason productions.

Good things come in small packages. The Propellerhead Rhythm Combo bundles the Reason Drum Kits and Reason Electric Bass ReFills into one package at a great price.

These two Refills give you the killer backline for nearly any type of music.


The Rhythm Combo box contains two top-class Hypersampled ReFills:

  • Reason Electric Bass
  • Reason Drum Kits 2
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