Vörunúmer 2573KS0002PH

Falam Slam Patch 2.5, 2pcs.

Vörunúmer 2573KS0002PH
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Falam Slam Patch 2.5,  2pcs.
Falam Slam Patch 2.5, 2pcs.

Remo Falam Slam patch pads are damper pads that stick onto your bass drum at the point where the bass drum pedal beater hits the drum head. The Remo Falam Slam patch pad is made of Kevlar fabric and Mylar. These are combined into a woven fabric laminate. From this FAbric LAMinate comes the name FALAM. The Remo Falam Slam patches reduce the bass drum overtones and boom. The bass drum sound is punchier, sharper and much better defined. In addition, the pads greatly extend the life of your bass drum head.


  • 2.5 inch diameter
  • Single kick Falam slam
  • 2 pack
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