Vörunúmer 2671D1500SP

Pearl Roadster Round seat shoc

Vörunúmer 2671D1500SP
Verðmeð VSK
45.990 kr.

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Essential for extended and efficient performance, Pearl Roadster thrones feature advanced ergonomic design and a selection of computer-tempered cushion tops to provide support and ease joint pressure during long sessions. The D1500SP features a donut-shaped Multi-Core Foam cushion, with multiple layers of varied density foam for better playing and improved feel. Its durable tripod includes Pearls adjustable Shock Abosorber post for oustanding support and balance, and out exclusice Lock/Spin System allows the cushion to be secured in place or free spinning depending on preference.
  • 15" Vented Round Seat.
  • Multi-Core stacked variable density foam Donut cushion for improved feel.
  • Optional Backrest Mounts via Single Knob
  • Built-In Shock Absorber Post w/Adjustable Spring Tension for customizable support.
  • Height Range of 501-673mm
Pearl Roadster Round seat shoc
Pearl Roadster Round seat shoc
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