Vörunúmer 2556S45003XG

Sabian B8X Perf Plus set

Vörunúmer 2556S45003XG
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72.990 kr.

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Sabian B8X Performance Pack cymbals are great for anything from rock to jazz. This B8X Performance Pack starts off strong with a pair of delightfully expressive 14" hi-hats. A 16" thin crash provides all the punch you need without washing out the sound of the rest of your kit. When it comes to playing accents, the B8X Performance Pack's 20" ride gives you more than enough dynamic range for just about any playing style.


Sabian B8X Performance Pack Cymbal Bundle Features:
  • Bright and focused cymbals that fit a wide range of music and playing styles
  • A great way to save money on the cymbals you need
  • 14" hi-hats provide a great combination of closed click and open splash
  • 16" thin crash delivers plenty of punch without washing out your sound
  • 20" ride lets you freely articulate accent notes
Sabian B8X Perf Plus set
Sabian B8X Perf Plus set
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