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Yamaha Stage Custom Hip SG

Vörunúmer 7600SBP0F4MSG
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Stage Custom Hip

The Stage Custom Hip provides big sound in a compact configuration. 100% birch shells with a small footprint make it ideal for tight spaces - the perfect solution for drummers on the go.

  • 20" x 8" bass drum
  • Floor tom equipped with snares
  • Available in three finishes
  • 20" x 8" Bass Drum

    The 20" bass drum projects rich bass tones of a regular set with a shallow shell to save space on the gig or in the practice room.

    Floor Tom with Snare

    The floor tom comes equipped with 20-strand snares and can be transformed into a deep, 13" snare drum. This allows you to play variety of musical genres without having to carry an extra snare drum.

    Compact Size

    With its small footprint, the Stage Custom Hip is compact enough to set up in even the smallest of venues without sacrificing sound and functionality.

    Perfect for Practicing and Low-Volume Applications

    Compact size combined with mesh heads and low-volme cymbals allow you to practice in near-perfect silence. In addition, installing an EAD10 with triggers brings a whole new realism to low-volume practice and performance with the Stage Custom Hip.

    The Perfect Match for HW3 Advanced Lightweight Hardware

    Lightweight and easy to carry, HW3 Advanced Hardware is the perfect companion for the Stage Custom Hip.

    100% Birch Shell

    The 6-ply, 100% birch shell that has become synonymous with Yamaha drums, combines the rich, mid-range sound characteristics of birch with an expressive shell resonance that works in a variety of settings and musical genres.

    Yamaha System Hardware

    The original Yamaha tom ball mount along with a variety of hardware options allow customization and flexibility without sacrificing durability.

    Augment any Drum Kit

    The shallow bass drum works as a great sub-kick to really enhance the low end of your regular sized bass drum. The floor tom/snare drum is a great add-on for different playing possibilities.

    Pack and Go

    The Stage Custom Hip fits in common size cases for easy transport. The shallow depth of the drums allow them to stack in standard cases, which also reduces setup time.

Yamaha Stage Custom Hip SG
Yamaha Stage Custom Hip SG
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