Vörunúmer HARD-HN14S

Hardcase 14 Snare Case

Vörunúmer HARD-HN14S
Verðmeð VSK
13.990 kr.
Hardcase 14  Snare Case
Hardcase 14 Snare Case
  • Specifically designed hardcase for 14 inch snare drums 
  • Ultimate protection from knocks, drops, bangs and skids
  • Ultra tough single piece shell cases.
  • Won't rot, won't rip, won't fall apart - cases for long lasting protection.
  • Stacking design for easier transport and storage.
  • Soft grip carry handle
  • Ultra strong webbing and clips. 
  • ID badge to identify your own drum case.
  • Bespoke Internal foam grip pads for a snug fit.
  • Telescopic lid design to clamp your snare drum tight and secure.
  • More protection than a Snare drum softcase
  • Cheaper than a Snare drum flight case
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