Vörunúmer 2650TH397127

Millenium BS500 Monitor St.WHT

Vörunúmer 2650TH397127
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14.990 kr.

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Place your nearfield monitors at the proper height with the BS-500 Set, which includes two non-adjustable monitor stands. Thanks to its height adjustment range of 93 to 115cm, this set gives you immense flexibility when it comes to placement of your monitors. The maximum load that can be handled is 45kg.

Millenium BS500 Monitor St.WHT
Millenium BS500 Monitor St.WHT
  • For nearfield monitors
  • Height adjustment range of 93 to 115cm
  • Load capacity of 45kg
  • Contact Surface Area: 23 x 23cm
  • Height Adjustable: 93 to 115cm
  • Capacity: 45kg
  • Leg Length of Triangular Base: 45cm Per Side
  • Set Includes: 2x Monitor Stands
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