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VNR.: 25350251962301

Fender JV MOD 50s Tele WBL

Samtals m/vsk
235.990 kr.

The JV Modified Series combines classic aesthetics with modern playability to suit the needs of today’s guitarist. Taking cues from the now highly sought-after “Japanese Vintage” reissues from the early ‘80s, JV Modified guitars are a refined take on a modern classic.


The '50s Telecaster is equipped with a resonant basswood body and dual single-coil pickups voiced to replicate classic Tele tone. A 4-way switch allows players to quickly select each pickup individually or both pickups in either series or parallel wiring. A push-pull pot on the tone control allows players to flip the pickups in and out of phase in switch positions 2 and 4. The Soft "V"-shaped maple neck has a silky-smooth satin finish and plays effortlessly thanks to the 9.5" radius maple fingerboard and medium jumbo frets.


For the player seeking classic Fender instruments with a twist, the JV Modified Series delivers a unique combination of vintage Fender style and modern playability.

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Samtals m/vsk
235.990 kr.

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  • Basswood body finished in White Blonde
  • Thick soft “V” maple neck with 9.5” radius maple board
  • Vintage-voiced pickups
  • 3 brass barrel saddle bridge and vintage-style locking tuners
  • 4-way switch with ‘series’ mode, push-pull pot on tone activates out-of-phase mode
  • Medium Jumbo frets

Basswood is a lightweight wood with well-balanced tone making it an ideal choice for solid-body guitars.


The thick “Soft V” shaped neck features a slightly more rounded version of a ‘50’s style “V” profile, providing a comfortable playing experience that is ideal for both rhythm and lead work.


Medium Jumbo frets combined with a 9.5”-radius fingerboard provide a comfortable fret-hand feel and allow players to comfortably switch from cowboy chords to soaring leads with ease.


A special 4-way switch delivers the bridge pickup alone, the bridge and neck pickups in parallel, the neck pickup alone, and the neck and bridge pickups wired together in series for added girth and a bump in output – perfect for highlighting passages or a solo. A handy push-pull switch on the tone control activates out-of-phase mode in positions 2 and 4.


This Telecaster incorporates a stylishly classic bridge with a rock-solid string-through-body design and three brass “barrel” saddles for authentic Fender tone.


These tuning machines offer the look and feel of vintage-style tuners, with the added benefits of enhanced tuning stability and fast string changes.

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