Vörunúmer 2545MBL100067Y

MarkBass MarkusMiller 210 cab

Vörunúmer 2545MBL100067Y
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This amazing cabinet is a top choice for bass players that need a smaller pro-sounding rig. Its 2x10” Markbass custom speakers pack an impressive punch, and the new 1” voice coil tweeter gives very focused highs with excellent transient attack. The wedge design allows the cab to be used either as a floor monitor or in standard vertical or horizontal position.

Key Features:

Power Handling to Weight Ratio

Like all Markbass cabinets, the Marcus Miller Cabs feature Markbass ultra-light neodymium custom speakers. The 102 CAB weighs only 40.34lbs/18,3kg with 400 watts (RMS) of power handling.

Controlled Bottom End & Ultra-Focused Sound

The rear-ported design offers a full, controlled bottom end. And the new special 1” Voice Coil tweeter featured on these signature cabinets is very focused in high range with excellent transient attack.
Great for any kind of tone and technique... slap, grooves, fast finger work as well as for detailed, melodic playing.

Wedge Design

The angled cabinet design allows to use these cabinets either as a floor monitor or in standard vertical position. The angled position is fantastic in applications where your amp is mostly for your personal monitor hearing yourself perfectly on stage, and the soundman wants to have as much control as possible of the PA sound from the front of house, without a lot of sound coming off the stage.

Perfect For Stand-Alone Use or Matched

These cabinets work great on their own, but are also a great choice for those who like to combine cabinets. 8 ohm cabinet allows for many stack combinations: two 104 CABs, two 102 CAB or a mix of 104 CAB and 102 CAB offer great versatility... you can bring one when you only need one, and bring two when you want to really make a super stack for the biggest venues, and the loudest bands!

MarkBass MarkusMiller 210 cab
MarkBass MarkusMiller 210 cab
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