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Alpine Music Safe Pro Black

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5.290 kr.


As a musician, DJ or sound engineer, you often spend time in environments with loud music. The risk of permanent hearing loss is huge. Hearing loss has a direct impact on your ability to do your job or pursue your passion. Good hearing protection is therefore vital during rehearsals, performances, and concerts. Alpine designed MusicSafe earplugs to do just that. This MusicSafe Pro variant is sold with three sets of exchangeable filters. You can choose between the white filters with 16 dB noise reduction (low), silver filters with 19 dB noise reduction (mid), and gold filters with 22 dB noise reduction (high). The AlpineAcousticFilters™ guarantee optimum protection against damaging noise levels whilst retaining high music quality, allowing you to listen to and make music with your whole heart. With Alpine MusicSafe Pro, you can safely enjoy a rehearsal, performance or party and select the right noise reduction value for every situation.

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Samtals m/vsk
5.290 kr.

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The number 1 earplugs for
professional musicians

The number 1 earplugs for professional musicians

No one should have to do without their hearing, but musicians and music enthusiasts are even more careful of their hearing than others. And it is this group of people who run an extra high risk of suffering hearing loss. Alpine designed MusicSafe Pro earplugs to protect their most precious of senses.
Music is reduced to a safe volume (noise reduction of (SNR) 16, 19 22 dB)
Soft material for ultimate wearing comfort
Barely visible and can be worn over 100 times

Practical, comfortable and reusable


MusicSafe Pro hearing protection is made from durable and flexible AlpineThermoShape™ material. Thanks to the warmth of the ear, the earplug moulds to the ear canal within minutes, significantly improving wearing comfort. The thermoplastic material is hypoallergenic, preventing itching in or around the ear. You can use the earplugs more than 100 times. Every pack contains a luxury travel pouch to store and transport the earplugs conveniently and safely, three sets of exchangeable filters, and a cord to hang the earplugs around your neck. You can easily and quickly clean the earplugs with Alpine Clean, a disinfectant cleaning spray (5 ml), which also comes with the pack.

Customer Reviews

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MusicSafe Pro

They are good, works like should be.
One star less because of case - looks like from Chinese shop for 1euro

MusicSafe Pro

These plus are really good. I'd like a higher level protection, say 28 but I may be the only one. Regardless, these are the best for me. Very comfortable for long periods. I really don't understand the extra ear piece. It seems like a generous addition but without the extra filter that was probably lost with the earplug it seems little more than cheap attempt at looking like you are giving something for nothing.

MusicSafe Pro

I think this compatible with My career protector as Crew Soundsystem especially I have tinnitus..

When I first time try this right comfortable and there is no disturbance which Inhibit.

Although see expensive, I think this worth it!

MusicSafe Pro

The plugs are high quality and even better than the previous version I have used for some time.
Contrary to what some things I have read, they are not uncomfortable for long periods of time, but they do need a little twist to sit properly in your ears to do so.
Filters are doing their job as they should, all-in-all a great solution at a somewhat reasonable price.
A single observation: since there is a spare plug, as you might lose/scratch/drop one in the sink, there should also be a spare white/silver/gold filter as well to still have a working pair. Besides having to buy a new set, there are occasions where you need the plugs right away (e.g. you lose one during soundcheck) and these quality plugs are not easily available at local shops.

MusicSafe Pro

Finally. After much testing and hundreds of dollars of earplugs and direct comparisons at concerts, I've found the best pair in the MusicSafe Pros from Alpine. I'm a musician and I go to a lot of concerts (and play some). My hearing is very important to me, but so is great sound. I was sick of earplugs deadening the high end in the name of safety. The MusicSafe Pros are the flattest volume reduction I've experienced with earplugs, and after a song or two you forget they're even in. Sometimes I take them out to see if they're even really doing anything only to realize holy hell this show is loud. I highly recommend these and have shown them to friends who now swear by them as well.

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Product Details

Attenuation table MusicSafe Pro

Frequency Hz 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Average noise reduction value dB 15.7 17.8 19.2 21.4 22.9 27.3 27.4 29.4
Standard deviation dB 6.2 6.5 4.7 4.5 4.3 4.8 3.9 4.8
Expected noise reduction value dB (APV) 9.5 11.3 14.5 16.9 18.6 22.5 23.5 24.6
Frequency Hz 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Average noise reduction value dB 11.6 13.5 15.4 17.4 18.7 24.6 25.1 31.4
Standard deviation dB 4.4 4.9 3.5 2.4 2.6 4.4 5.6 5.6
Expected noise reduction value dB (APV) 7.2 8.6 11.9 15.0 16.1 20.2 19.5 25.8

Extra information

Which filter is suitable for my situation?

You can choose your own noise reduction level depending on your situation, your chosen instrument, and the environment in which you play. A drummer will probably need higher noise reduction than a singer, for instance.

Use period and cleaning

Alpine MusicSafe Pro can be cleaned with warm water and soap, or the Alpine Clean spray included with the pack. You can extend the service life of the earplugs by cleaning and maintaining them correctly.

Nominal diameter: 9-12 mm

SNR: 16, 19 and 22 dB


Color Transparent earplugs with gold, silver, and white filters
Product Measurements 0.91 x 3.23 x 4.72 inches
Weight 2.05 ounces
Alpine MusicSafe Pro - Declaration of conformity

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