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Alpine Music Safe Pro tappar

Samtals m/vsk
5.290 kr.

Mest seldu eyrnatapparnir hjá okkur. Sérhannaðir fyrir tónlistarfólk. 

Framleiðandi alpine
Samtals m/vsk
5.290 kr.

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MusicSafe Pro is the only hearing protection for musicians with three exchangeable filter sets for low, medium and high protection. These unique AlpineAcousticFilters with selective absorption guarantee optimal protection against harmful noise levels, while preserving excellent music quality. Depending on the instrument you are playing, your position on the stage or the kind of music you are playing, you can always choose the protection that suits you most.

  • Prevents hearing loss and a ring in your ears
  • Only earplugs with three exchangeable acoustic filter sets
  • The sound quality of the music remains preserved

Unique product specifications

  • The earplugs are very comfortable to wear and are hardly visible in the ear
  • With handy storage box that can be personalized
  • With strap
  • With white, silver grey or black earplugs
  • With spare earplug
  • Winner Red Dot Award 2015

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Eyrnatappar og heyrnarhlífar - Fleiri vörur

Alpine Plug & Go mjúkir tappar

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1.590 kr.
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Alpine Music Safe Classic tapp

Ein vinsælasta týpan af eyrnatöppum hjá okkur. Sérhannaðir fyrir tónlistarfólk.
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3.490 kr.
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Alpine Music Safe Pro Black

Description As a musician, DJ or sound engineer, you often spend time in environments with loud music. The risk of permanent hearing loss is huge. Hearing loss has a direct impact on your ability to do your job or pursue your passion. Good hearing protection is therefore vital during rehearsals, performances, and concerts. Alpine designed MusicSafe earplugs to do just that. This MusicSafe Pro variant is sold with three sets of exchangeable filters. You can choose between the white filters with 16 dB noise reduction (low), silver filters with 19 dB noise reduction (mid), and gold filters with 22 dB noise reduction (high). The AlpineAcousticFilters™ guarantee optimum protection against damaging noise levels whilst retaining high music quality, allowing you to listen to and make music with your whole heart. With Alpine MusicSafe Pro, you can safely enjoy a rehearsal, performance or party and select the right noise reduction value for every situation.
Samtals m/vsk
5.290 kr.

Fender Concert Plugs DNB

Fender Concert series ear plugs protect your hearing during concerts, festivals and other high-volume events. Featuring 10 pairs of Daphne Blue foam plugs, this pack is perfect for general concert and band practice use. Designed with a 32-decibel noise-reduction rating for maximum protection and noise attenuation, and super-soft disposable foam for a comfortable and customized fit.
Samtals m/vsk
1.790 kr.