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VNR.: TAYL-1201

Taylor Beacon tuner/takmælir/ljós

Samtals m/vsk
8.990 kr.

Taylor smellti saman í eina græju mörgu því helsta sem gítarleikarinn þarf á að halda; stillitæki, taktmæli, klukku sem getur talið bæði upp og niður ásamt ljósi! 

Framleiðandi taylor
Samtals m/vsk
8.990 kr.

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  • Super-accurate clip-on tuner with five tuning modes
  • Versatile metronome with 12 time signature presets
  • Timer and countdown for tracking practice and performance time
  • Flashlight for illuminating dark practice or performance spaces
  • USB chargeable with clear LCD readout



With its bright LCD display, convenient clip-on design and five-way functionality, the Taylor Beacon is the perfect way to consolidate all of your essential guitar accessories. This versatile device includes a fast, precise tuner with five tuning modes (Guitar, bass, ukulele, violin and chromatic) along with a metronome that includes 12 time signature presets and a tempo range of 30-208 bpm. The built-in timer and countdown functions allow you to track up to 100 minutes of practice or performance time, which continue to run while you use the tuner or metronome functions. And with the built-in flashlight, you’ll never have to worry about losing a pick or reading sheet music in dark space. With the Beacon in hand, you have everything you need to stay inspired, wherever your music takes you.

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