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VNR.: 2545MBC105105Z

MarkBass BlackLine CMB121 combo

Samtals m/vsk
69.990 kr.
Product code: MBC105105Z

Markbass has entered the entry level market segment for the first time, without sacrificing quality.We understand how important it is for students and beginners to have good sound for their daily practice, helping to better express themselves while developing their talent and passion for Music!
The CMB121 Black Line is an amazing entry level 150W combo, the perfect choice for those who want to start with the right sound and have enough power for both rehearsals and gigs. It delivers a sound superior to any other practice amp at this price, thanks to Markbass tone and quality.
It features a headphone output, and an aux input for connecting your favourite media players to mix with your bass sound, letting you practice anywhere, anytime.

Framleiðandi Mark Bass
Samtals m/vsk
69.990 kr.

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Buying the right amp when starting out in Music is one of the most important decisions both students and novices can make.
Key to success is developing technique, along with refining sound preferences – including a responsive dynamic to their
playing during practice. The CMB121 Black Line combo satisfies all these requirements, providing our famous Markbass tone
and response.
This is the first time Markbass has focused on the lower end of the market. When we began, our main goal was to ensure
you can buy something you enjoy the sound of. Almost all of our competitors build cheap equipment without considering that
young and talented players who are going to use it every day may become frustrated and lose their passion due to a poor sound.
At Markbass we have always had a deep respect for all artists, beginners to professionals, and above all for young talent
that strive to become the next generation of great artists. They need, and deserve a superb amp with superior sound – and
our combo is the best choice!
The simple and effective controls section includes 4-band EQ with 2 mid controls, a SCOOPED switch for enhancing treble and
BOOST switch to add nice saturation to your sound.
The amp section includes a headphone output and an aux input for media players, letting you practice anywhere and anytime
you like, always with a professional sound.
The balanced XLR line out allows you to run your CMB 121 Black Line amp through the PA, ideal for larger gigs. In addition
this combo also features a send/return FX loop to connect stompboxes and multi-effect units.
- Product specifications are subject to change without notice

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MarkBass M58R Mini CMD121 Pure Combo

Product code: MBC105086 The MB58R series is a further example of how Markbass is always one step ahead in innovating using state-of-the-art technologies. Once again Marco De Virgiliis with his pioneering soul has managed to create this new series of products which, with the use of custom components born thanks to years of experience and research Markbassand the use of revolutionary materials with an eye to the future and the evironment, has really nailed the tone andpower versus portability issue.The MB58R MINI CMD 121 PURE features 1x12" Markbass Neodymium custom speaker and a new hi-fi tweeter.this combo continues to lead the pack when it comes to big sound from a small package. The sound that comes fromthis amp simply does not match what you see when you look at such a small and ultralight cube, weighs only 21.7 lbs / 10.3kg!
Samtals m/vsk
209.990 kr.
Á lager

MarkBass 102P Mk V 2x10" combo

Product code: MBC105103Z This front-ported 2x10" combo is a great option for gigging bassists who want to cut through the mix without a big rig.The CMD 102P V combo features the new Little Mark 58R Combo Head. All the connections and controls are on the front panel leaving on the rear panel only the speaker outs and AC power socket, offering optimal ergonomics and making everything more practical. As for previous version it has the new bi-band limiter, a MUTE switch and the 3-way switch that includes the options of Flat, Scooped or FSW. The wedge cabinet design allows to use it either in a standard vertical position or as floor monitor, offering to you the best monitoring on stage.
Samtals m/vsk
195.990 kr.
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Ashdown Pro Pre DI formagnari / DI box

Launching in September 2023, the Ashdown Pro Di is a game-changer for touring bassists. Crafted with simplicity and longevity in mind, it features a robust 5-band EQ with the Ashdown Shape option, providing versatile tonal sculpting. Drawing inspiration from Ashdown's renowned ABM, MAG, and ROOTMASTER series, this pedal guarantees a professional-grade performance when you can't rely on backline gear.
Samtals m/vsk
59.990 kr.
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Ampeg Venture V12 Bass Amp

The 1200-watt Venture V12 is the largest and most powerful of the three heads in the Venture Series, yet it weighs less than nine pounds and fits into a gig bag or the optional Venture carrying bag, making it an ideal head for the travelling bassist. It’s Class D power section provides more than enough power to drive any of the Venture Series speaker cabs or practically any other cab bassists may encounter on their travels. 1200 watts @ 4 ohms Legacy Preamp with 3-band EQ Sweepable mid frequencies Ultra Hi/3-way Ultra Lo switches Footswitchable SGT Overdrive circuit with SVT and B15 voicing switch Variable Compressor 8.4lb / 3.8kg
Samtals m/vsk
209.990 kr.
Á lager