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OBN Endeavor Blackcap

Samtals m/vsk
41.990 kr.

Old Blood Noise is now offering a harmonic take on their Whitecap dual asynchronous tremolo as a full member of the OBNE roster. The Blackcap retains the analog tremolo side of the original and takes the highly functional digital tap side into the realm of harmonic tremolo. Where before it turned your volume up and down, now it crossfades between your highs and lows. Mixed in parallel or series with the amplitude modulating tremolo, it’s a new aural experience.

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Samtals m/vsk
41.990 kr.

Nánari lýsing

Blackcap features:

  • An analog tremolo with rate, depth, and volume controls

  • A harmonic digital tremolo with rate, depth, and volume controls as well as tap tempo and five selectable waveforms

  • A series/parallel toggle to run analog into digital or both side by side

  • Volume boost available in each side

  • Expression jack for external tap control

  • Ramp mode to shift the speed up or down by holding the tap footswitch

  • Relay bypass switching

  • Requires 9V 2.1mm negative center-pin power adapter (not included).

    mA Draw: 106

    Archetype - Blackcap - Parallel - Saw Wave.png
    Archetype - Blackcap - Parallel - Saw Wave
    Archetype - Blackcap - Series - Triange Wave.png
    Archetype - Blackcap - Series - Triangle Wave
    Archetype - Blackcap - Series - Reverse Saw Wave.png
    Archetype - Blackcap - Series - Reverse Saw Wave


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Pedaltrain Classic 1 in Deluxe Soft Case

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EB Stereo Vol / Pan pedal

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Samtals m/vsk
35.990 kr.
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Samtals m/vsk
69.990 kr.
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