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VNR.: MN233

Music Nomad Truss Rod Wr. 7mm

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1.890 kr.

Having the right tool to perform your key gear adjustments is critical. From tip to tip, MusicNomad’s premium 7mm Truss Rod Wrench is packed with unmatched features and benefits. The carbon steel construction gives you the quality you need every time, while the ergonomic handle design provides comfort and ease when using. The protective rubber bumper keeps you from jamming the metal handle into the side of the truss rod opening. We even designed a magnetized screwdriver for the small screws found on the truss rod cover. Works Great on PRS® (Korea), IBANEZ® (Japan), CHARVEL® (Japan), GUILD® (Korea), JACKSON® - Pro Series (Japan). That’s MusicNomad quality – raising the bar in equipment care.

Framleiðandi musicnomad
Samtals m/vsk
1.890 kr.

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Premium Truss Rod Wrench - 7mm

Strong Carbon Steel Construction & Ergonomic Comfort Handle

Magnetized Screwdriver

Protective Bumper to Protect the Headstock

Works Great on PRS® (Korea), IBANEZ® (Japan), CHARVEL® (Japan), GUILD® (Korea), JACKSON® - Pro Series (Japan)

PRS®, IBANEZ®, CHARVEL®, GUILD®, JACKSON® and all other third party brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. Music Nomad LLC is not affiliated with those owners, nor claims ownership of those marks.

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Waylon Jennings Leather Telecaster Pickguard

Few artists can lay claim to defining the sound of a genre, but Waylon Jennings is the undisputed outlaw of outlaw country. The Waylon Jennings Leather Pickguard embodies the essence of the iconic, hand-crafted design found on Waylon's custom Tele® used throughout his legendary career. Featuring embossed leather in a stylish tooled leather pattern, this replacement pickguard is the perfect way to customize your Tele. Join the ranks of outlaw country rebels everywhere with the Waylon Jennings Leather Pickguard and pay homage to Waylon's rebellious spirit and iconic style.
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Fender Smart Capo Flat Steelst

FINGER-STYLE PITCH PERFECTION With their lightweight and portable designs, Fender Smart Capos are perfect for lightning-fast changes no matter the stage or performance. By squeezing the capo on to the neck or simply pressing against the lip, players can attach or remove their Smart Capos in seconds flat. Shift pitch with ease and maintain perfect string tension while staying in tune and eliminating fret buzz. FEATURES Compact, low-mass capo Patent-pending design Easy one-handed positioning Measures just over two inches wide
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4.190 kr.
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EB AXIS Capo - hvítt

The Ernie Ball Axis Capo’s ergonomic features allow for fast and accurate single-handed key changes. Compatible with most electric and acoustic guitars, the Axis Capo offers eight color finishes to match, with a dual-radius design that fits both flat and curved fretboards. Shift capo position single-handedly, and rely on buzz-free clamping pressure that lets your songs sing out in every key. Take the Axis Capo on the road and trust precision-molded rubber pads to protect your guitar finish. On the stage or in your writing space, it has to be the Axis Capo.
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2.190 kr.
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Music Nomad Truss Rod Wr. 5mm

Having the right tool to perform your key gear adjustments is essential. MusicNomad's 5mm Truss Rod Wrench is the perfect tool for adjusting Truss Rods that are located deeper in the soundhole. Our durable steel construction with a black nickel finish is designed to work over and over again. The 4.75” long arm combined with the ball end design allows you to adjust Truss Rods found on popular acoustic guitars that use a 5mm nut, such as all models of MARTIN® Guitars except DSS-2018, OMSS-2019, Modern Deluxe Series and SC-13E. The ergonomic handle provides extra length, comfort and control, making turning easier. That’s MusicNomad quality - raising the bar in equipment care.
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1.490 kr.
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