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VNR.: 2545DVL131039Y

DV NeoClassic 212v hátalarabox 2x12"

Samtals m/vsk
110.990 kr.

The DV Neoclassic cabinets series is now something classic inside the DV Mark catalogue, featuring the heavily road tested DV EVO Speakers Pearl White.
We added a new model to the big DV Neoclassic cabinets family: the DV Neoclassic 212 V giving the option to choose a vertical slanted 2x12" cabinet equipped with DV NEO Speakers Pearl White.

Framleiðandi Mark Bass
Samtals m/vsk
110.990 kr.

Nánari lýsing

> Slant-top / Split- stack design
The slant of the top speaker in the 2x12" vertical design allows to spread out more the sound than with the more common flat-front 2x12 cabs and to maintain the low-end you get from keeping the cabinet on the floor, but also keeps one speaker aimed at ear-level for onstage clarity of the mids and highs.
The split-stack vertical design is perfect for stereo setup, allowing to have a real stereo panorama, utilizing one for each side.

> DV NEO Speaker Pearl White
It's the DV Mark ultimate speaker, developed after years of experience and many tests on stage with both cabinets and combo amps. Its generous bass and mid-bass frequencies with detailed high built the great DV Jazz series success, but also made the DV Neoclassic cabinets very popular as well, thanks to their incredible weight/power balance and the tone they can deliver.

> Amazing power handling / weight ratio
300 watts of power handling make this cab a force to be reckoned with, and its light weight (only 24.91 lbs / 11.3 Kg) makes it a practical option to use two of them for larger venues and in cases of stereo setup and where a larger spread of sound and volume is desired. Of course you can't go wrong using one for mono setup, small/medium stage, rehearsal...

> Cutting-edge technology and top-quality components
This applies to the whole line, from the smaller combos to the bigger rigs. Thanks to our production procedure, state-of the-art testing, rigid quality control and top-quality components, we are proud to offer a very high quality standard at very competitive and honest prices.

Power handling



Speaker config






2×12″ DV Neo Speaker Pearl White


300W RMS (AES Standard)


8 ohms




16.85″ / 42.8 cm


30.04″ / 76.3 cm


13.18″ / 33.5 cm


24.91 lbs / 11.3 Kg

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