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Yamaha GB1 Silent Grand Piano

Yamaha GB1 Silent Grand Piano

Samtals m/vsk
2.890.990 kr.

The GB1K baby grand piano is the most compact of the Yamaha grand piano range but it does offer a surprising depth of tone, clarity and overall projection. Its compact dimensions make it perfect for the smaller space yet still a worthwhile alternative to a large U series upright. With its design based on that of the coveted C Series it has the inherent quality that Yamaha grand pianos are renowned for, and is a great value way of having your very own grand piano.

Fitted with the Yamaha's new SC3 Silent system, the GB1K SC3 allows the piano to not only be played acoustically, but also with headphones making it completely silent to everyone but the pianist. With refined features including virtual resonance modelling, binaural sampling on Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial concert grand piano sounds, Grand Expression Modelling technology and a better key movement detection system than ever before, the sound and feel is so authentic you will forget you are even wearing headphones!

Framleiðandi yamaha
Samtals m/vsk
2.890.990 kr.

Nánari lýsing

  • The smallest and most affordable Yamaha baby grand piano ever!
  • Hugely popular compact model at 151cm with 88 keys, three pedals and a solid spruce soundboard
  • Incorporating the latest Yamaha SC3 Silent piano technology enabling private practice via headphones
  • New silent system includes improved sensor system, Grand Expression Modelling and new piano samples
  • 12 high quality instrument voices including Yamaha & Bosendorfer concert grand pianos and more
  • Elegant polished ebony cabinetry with brass fittings and soft close falll board


Practice in complete silence!

Activate the silent mode and a rail moves between the hammers and the strings to 'switch off' the acoustic piano. Yamaha's highly sophisticated non-contact sensor technology captures the precise movement of each key, a cleverly designed alagorithm precisely simulates the movements of the hammers as they strike the strings, accurately recreating the acoustic piano performance exactly as the pianist intended. The beautiful sound of the Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial concert grands is delivered through your headphones.

SC3 Silent system

Select from a pallet of 12 high quality instrument voices to suit your musical genre. SC3 also features 20 rhythm styles, a metronome, 2 track record facility, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, all of which can be controlled via the sleek and intuitive control panel or by the Smart Pianist app.


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Flyglar - Fleiri vörur


Samtals m/vsk
1.950.990 kr.
Á lager

Yamaha C2X flygill Silent

The legacy of the CFX continues Preserving tradition is not the same thing as refusing to change;rather, it is from the ongoing search for perfection that traditions emerge. And when it comes to the tradition of crafting a grand piano, there is a sound, a tone to which only those who strive constantly to outdo themselves can aspire. For almost half a century, Yamaha's world-renowned C Series grand pianos have continued through a gradual process of refinement The CFX full concert grand piano built on the knowledge, techniques, and experience gained during this long period, with craftsmen pouring everything they knew into the creation of an instrument that took bold new steps in piano design, seeking to attain sonic perfection. The CX Series extends this work further, providing a clear sound with a clean attack, sparkling tone, and transparent harmonies, all encased in an elegant, flowing form. The end result is a series of instruments that is refined in tone, yet bold in design, the product of a dedication to innovation that allows Yamaha to remain true to its musical heritage. CX Series pianos represent progress that is commensurate with Yamaha's 125th anniversary year - progress that will transform any room in which you play into a concert hall.   Music Wire Revolutionary new music wire in the middle and treble registers offers beautiful sustain and harmony. Hammers The hammers used in the CX Series utilize the same felt as the CFX, giving these pianos bright tonal colors and a finely nuanced sound. Soundboard Resonating with the emotions of the performer As with the CF Series, the CX Series utilizes unique crown manufacturing techniques. Back posts CX Series pianos feature a thickened back frame for improved support, providing a rich, resonant tone.
Samtals m/vsk
5.290.990 kr.

Yamaha CX2 Flygill 173 cm.

Samtals m/vsk
5.290.000 kr.