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VNR.: 7600B1SNC

Yamaha B1 Satin Natural Cherry

Samtals m/vsk
649.990 kr.

The compact b series represents a distillation of Yamaha’s entire upright piano design philosophy—delivering high-quality sound and natural resonance, along with superb durability. Experience the profound joy in owning a fine acoustic instrument, and let the b series pianos bring you into a new lifestyle, full of musical intimacy.



Yamaha designs and manufactures its soundboards, frames, keyboard actions, and other piano parts with unwavering reliability and under the strictest quality control. All parts are assembled by skilled craftsmen to create a thoroughly balanced piano that combines Yamaha's uniquely pure sound quality with excellent performance. The result is a high level of expressiveness that responds faithfully even to those who are just playing the piano for the first time.


The b series was designed with an emphasis on compactness in every aspect—height, width and depth. The b1 and b2 have been constructed with special care and detailed attention to each, and the compact size (a height of 109 cm for the b1 and 113 cm for the b2) makes them ideal for limited spaces. The b3 has a height of 121 cm, making it a little larger than the b1 and b2, and giving it a more expressive sound.


Augmenting the elegant and luxurious polished ebony finish, a polished mahogany finish that brings out the beautiful wood grain as well as a stylish polished white finish are also available. Select the one that best enhances the interior of your room or performance space.


The b series also include a lineup that features the unique Yamaha SILENT Piano™ technology, which lets you plug in a set of headphones and fully immerse yourself in the sound as you play—without having to worry about your surroundings.

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Samtals m/vsk
649.990 kr.

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  b1 b2 b3
CabinetFinish Polished Ebony *Availability of other finishes depends on model and is subject to regional variation. Please consult your Yamaha dealer for further information. Polished Ebony *Availability of other finishes depends on model and is subject to regional variation. Please consult your Yamaha dealer for further information. Polished Ebony *Availability of other finishes depends on model and is subject to regional variation. Please consult your Yamaha dealer for further information.
DimensionsWidth 149cm(58 3/4") 150cm(59") 152cm(59 3/4")
Height 109cm(43") 113cm(44 1/2") 121cm(47 3/4")
Depth 54cm(21 1/4") 54cm(21 1/4") 62cm(24 1/2")
WeightWeight 193kg(425lbs) 203kg(448lbs) 237kg(522lbs)
Control Interface
KeyboardNumber of Keys 88 88 88
Key Surfaces - White Acrylic Resin Acrylic Resin Acrylic Resin
Key Surfaces - Black Phenolic Resin with Wooden Filler Phenolic Resin with Wooden Filler Phenolic Resin with Wooden Filler
PedalType Damper,Muffler, Soft Damper,Muffler, Soft Damper,Muffler, Soft
Design/Architecture Detail
HammerType b Series Special b Series Special b Series Special
CasterType No Single caster Single caster
Key CoverLid/Fallboard Locks No No No
Soft-Close Fallboard No No No
FrameType V-pro V-pro V-pro
Back PostNumber 4 4 5

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Yamaha B1 Silent (3jaG) chrome HW

Undercutting lesser competitors whilst retaining Yamaha's high standards, the b1 offers the joy of Yamaha ownership at a price that will astonish and delight. Silencing system has been added to this b1. This is an SC2 type SILENT Piano™ .
Samtals m/vsk
1.099.900 kr.
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Yamaha B2ETC3 Silent Piano Polished Ebony

The b Series takes its inspiration from our popular U-series with soundboards and ribs crafted from premium tone woods and fine spruce. The result is pianos with a tone that performs far beyond the entry level.In addition to its larger dimensions and heavier construction, b2 features a solid spruce soundboard to deliver a superior sound with added depth and volume. For the ambitious performer on a budget, there is no better instrument. Small space, big sound Back posts, forward thinking Advanced V-Pro frame Specially designed hammers Hand-wound bass strings The world’s first aluminum action rail
Samtals m/vsk
1.499.990 kr.
Á lager

Yamaha B3E Silent Polished Ebony

The introduction of the Yamaha b3 to the b series range sees it approach professional standards whilst remaining true to the b series' design philosophy of value and affordability. Silencing system has been added to this b3. This is an SC3 type SILENT Piano™.
Samtals m/vsk
1.450.990 kr.
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Yamaha U1 Silent Piano SH3

 perennial favorite among discerning pianists, the Yamaha U1 offers outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured. Silencing system has been added to this U1. This is an SH3 type SILENT Piano™. SILENT piano™s are genuine acoustic pianos equipped with Yamaha’s advanced silencing technology. When the keys are played in SILENT Mode, the hammers are stopped immediately before striking the strings so that the piano itself generates no sound. Sensors installed below the keys decipher how the keys are played and relay the data to the digital tone generator, which generates sampled sounds that can be heard through a pair of headphones. By allowing players to play a true acoustic piano sound under normal circumstances, or to put on headphones and play in SILENT Mode to avoid disturbing others, SILENT Piano™ makes any time a good time to sit down at the piano.
Samtals m/vsk
2.590.990 kr.
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