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VNR.: 2671C930S

Pearl Cymbal Stand singlbrc

Samtals m/vsk
15.990 kr.

C930S Straight Cymbal Stand

Framleiðandi Pearl
Samtals m/vsk
15.990 kr.

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A bold member of the MIPA Award-Winning 930 Series Hardware family, Pearl's C930S Cymbal Stand is built to deliver full-impact durability and lightweight portability for the gigging drummer.

Boasting the same sturdy tubing and tier joints as their double-braced counterparts, its single-braced tripod provides a solid mounting base without excess weight.

Topped with a Uni-Lock Tilter for smooth, gearless cymbal positioning, its steel cymbal arm delivers secure mounting flexibility.


Uni-Lock Tilter


Die-Cast Insulated


Trident-Style w/Single Braced Legs


1 1/8", 7/8", 5/8"


780 - 1,480mm (30.7" - 58.26")



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