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VNR.: 2671P3500D

Pearl Drum Pedal Demon XR

Samtals m/vsk
98.990 kr.

Delivering the ultimate in Speed, Rebound, and Accuracy, the Pearl Demon XR (for X-treme Response) Bass Drum Pedal is a true Triple-Threat in bass drum pedal performance.

The result of a two-year research and development project with drummer George Kollias, its streamlined machine shop design and fluid direct-drive action deliver a faster, smoother stroke.

Its enhanced rebound action comes from the exclusive interchangeable high-tension spring, making repeated strokes effortless in extreme musical situations.

Primed for the high-tempo technicality, the Pearl Demon XR is perfect for any drumming style where precision and endurance are key.

Framleiðandi Pearl
Samtals m/vsk
98.990 kr.

Nánari lýsing


Direct Drive


Longboard Machined Aluminum


NiNjA Bearing


Extreme High-Tension Spring (Normal Spring included)


B350XR Extreme Impact Beater


Click Lock


Uni-Lock Beater Angle



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Yamaha Cowbell Attachment CWHSAT9

CWHSAT9 Cowbell Hi-Hat Stand Attachment can clamp bass drum hoop or stands to attach percussion like cowbell or boom arm. In addition it can clamp and hold hi-hat stand with legs closed when you play double bass drums.  
Samtals m/vsk
16.990 kr.
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Pearl Roadster vent.Round seat short

Essential for extended and efficient performance, Pearl Roadster thrones feature advanced ergonomic design and a selection of computer-tempered cushion tops to provide support and ease joint pressure during long sessions. Made specifically for a lower profile ride, the D1500 features a donut-shaped Multi-Core Foam cushion, with multiple layers of varied density foam for better playing and improved feel. Its durable tripod includes Pearl's exclusive Lock/Spin System, allowing the cushion to be secured in place or free spinning depending on preference.  
Samtals m/vsk
52.990 kr.
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Millenium Drill Bit Key

4-Edge bit attachment (tuning key) for cordless screwdrivers Allows a quick change of coat Finish: Chrome
Samtals m/vsk
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Yamaha Snare strainer Assy P3

Compact, lightweight strainer with a smooth, simple and reliable design, and dual snare tension adjustment for fine snare fine-tuning.  
Samtals m/vsk
13.990 kr.
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