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Yamaha DTX8KXBF E-Drumkit

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Framleiðandi Yamaha

Nánari lýsing

  DTX8K-X Black Forest
Snare XP125SD-X (12 inch TCS pad with 2 zone)
Tom Pad XP105T-X (10 inch TCS pad with 2 zone)
Floor Tom Pad XP105T-X (10 inch TCS pad with 2 zone)
Kick Pad KP90 (7.5 inch rubber pad with Multi layer cushion)
Hi-hat Pad RHH135 (13 inch pad with 2 zone)
Crash cymbal 1 PCY135 (13 inch pad with 3 zone)
Crash cymbal 2 PCY135 (13 inch pad with 3 zone)
Ride cymbal PCY155 (15 inch pad with 3 zone)
Hi-hat Stand HS650A
Footprint (average) 1,100 mm x 1,500 mm
Weight 45.88 kg
Snare Stand SS662 (Snare Stand for 12")

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Trommusett - Fleiri vörur


Tama Superstar 3pcs CL32RZSGNL

Bassatromma, tom, páka og standar. Sneriltromma og diskar ekki innifaldir. For more than forty years, the Superstar name has stood for groundbreaking design, superior build quality, sterling tone, and clear projection. Superstar Classic once again upholds tradition by raising the bar for discerning drummers—and remarkably—does it at an extremely competitive price. Drawing on Superstar of the past, its classic TAMA T-shape badge and streamlined low-mass single lugs point to the simpler state of art of the 70's, while the ingenious Star-Mount system and new thinner gauge 100% maple shells eclipse anything in its class. Visually ravishing, the Gloss Lacebark Pine exterior ply possesses a complex wood grain pattern to give this kit an extraordinary visual appearance.
Samtals m/vsk
209.990 kr.
Á lager

Pearl Crystal Beat 22-12-14-16 Blue Sapphire

A Truly Visual Original. Crystal Beat delivers more choices for sight and sound than any other Acrylic drum set in its price range. The array of colors, component and single headed drums, and melodic Rocket Toms offer a clear advantage. Beyond standard drum setups, check out the tonal and visual options Crystal Beat offers for the show stopping, time keeping drummer.
Samtals m/vsk
335.990 kr.
Á lager

Yamaha Tour Custom Candy Apple

22" bassatromma, standar og snerill ekki innifaldir.   Yamaha’s Tour Custom series offers a versatile range of drum shells suitable for any playing technique or genre. The model range includes tom sizes from 8" to 13", floor toms in 14" and 16", bass drums spanning from 18" to 22", and snare drums measuring 14"x5.5" and 14"x6.5". Our engineers have managed to create a package combining high playability and sound quality that meets the expectations of top professionals, while being delivered with a mid-range price tag.
Samtals m/vsk
369.990 kr.
Á lager

Notað Sakae Trilogy Green Sparkle

Algjörlega stórkostlegt hljóðfæri, Sakae Trilogy 3ply skeljar með þessu ekta vintage sándi  Smíðað í Sakae verksmiðjunni í Japan  22x14bd 18x14bd 12x8TT 14x14FT 16x16FT 
Samtals m/vsk
350.000 kr.
Á lager