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Numark pickup í plötuspilara

Samtals m/vsk
4.290 kr.
Framleiðandi inmusic
Samtals m/vsk
4.290 kr.

Nánari lýsing

Spherical Pickup (MM)

  • Rec. Bearing weight 2.5g-3.5g
  • 0.6 mm Spherical diamond tip
  • Channel separation 26dB / 1kHz
  • Output voltage 2.4 mV
  • Suitable for thomann headshell mounting
  • Note .: Excellent price / performance ratio

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Music Nomad 6 'n 1 Next Level Vinyl Record Care Kit

Designed by our team in Sonoma, CA (USA). We didn't just go buy small off the shelf common designs that can be found in many other kits. We felt we had to design from scratch the ultimate cleaning tools Our 3 'n 1 design starts with a super soft synthetic dust brush (brown) to detail everything but the record and needle. Then use our directional, unique cleaning pad (black) that lifts and traps the dust off your record. The black pad doubles as your cleaning solution applicator to clean your record. After applying the cleaner, flip it around to use our special drying material (grey). The innovative ergonomic handle gives you unmatched control and comfort you will appreciate
Samtals m/vsk
3.190 kr.
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