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EVO4 Start recording pack með hljóðnema og heyrnartólum

Samtals m/vsk
39.990 kr.
Start Recording
  • Content
  • Podcasts
  • Streams
  • Music

Start your journey into the world of audio recording with the Start Recording Bundle, a professional, powerful and versatile solution for home recording. Experience a combination of outstanding audio performance and innovative technology to make sure you achieve studio quality recordings from the start.

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Samtals m/vsk
39.990 kr.

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What’s Included

1 x EVO 4
Audio Interface

Condenser Mic

EVO SR2000
Monitoring Headphones


Mic Cable



Audio Interface



Capture your microphones and instruments by recording audio directly to your computer with EVO 4’s intuitive feature set. Combining leading tech specs with astounding performance and sound quality, EVO 4 is the ultimate interface for beginners and pros alike.


EVO Mic Preamps

 Building on Audient’s 20+ years of audio design experience, get unrivalled audio quality on your desktop with the clean, warm and accurate EVO preamps – offering 58dB of gain range.



Make sure you capture everything perfectly with Smartgain mode. Start playing, singing or talking and Smartgain will automatically set the level of your microphones. Perfect for beginners.

Audio Loop-back
Audio Loop-back enables you to record your computer audio at the same time as your microphones. Ideal for content creators, podcasters and streamers.


EVO 4 is USB 2.0 class compliant and works with
both a USB-C and USB-A ports.


USB-C to A
Cable Included

Compatible with iOS devices and without the need for external power, EVO 4 truly lets you record anywhere.


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