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VNR.: KM21411-400-55

K-M Studio mic stand 2m

Samtals m/vsk
23.990 kr.

Extremely sturdy overhead mic stand for studio and broadcast applications. Extendible up to 2 m. Locking height-adjustment mechanism for added safety. 1/2" thread for use with 21231 boom arm. Collapsible design for easy transport and storage.

Framleiðandi König & Meyer
Samtals m/vsk
23.990 kr.

Nánari lýsing

EAN: 4016842211791
Height: from 1,480 to 2,290 mm
Height adjustment: clamping element with locking screw
Leg construction: tube legs with double cross braces
Material: steel
Max. load capacity: 12 kg
Rod combination: 2-piece folding design
Special features: for special stage and studio applications; rod combination with additional locking mechanism
Threaded connector: 1/2"
Type: black
Weight: 4.94 kg

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K-M Smartphone holder festing f/ síma

With this universal holder, your smartphone is always within reach. The holder is suitable for all flat devices with a width of 45 to 90 mm. The operation is quick and easy. Insert smartphone - press clamping jaws together - done. The device is released again at the touch of a button. The clamping jaws with integrated rubber pads guarantee a secure hold. The movable supports can also be folded away completely if necessary. Thanks to the ball joint, the holder can be tilted up and down and rotated through 360°. The flexible support arm provides additional individual positioning. A sturdy clamping element with user-friendly wing nut enables quick installation on any tube with a diameter of 10 to 30 mm.
Samtals m/vsk
2.990 kr.
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K-M Tablet PC holder

Universal tablet holder with a convenient clamping mechanism for tablets ranging in size from approx. 10" to 16" in horizontal - and approx. 7" to 13" in vertical position. The clamping range of the tablet PC holder is between 155 and 307 mm The tablet holder is made of bio-based plastic. These plastics contain a proportion of over 50% up to 100% of renewable vegetable raw materials. The use of renewable raw materials helps to conserve limited petroleum resources and reduce harmful CO2 emissions. More information on bio-based plastics at: bioplastic.k-m.de. The holder is also particularly suitable for tablets with a protective cover or case up to 18 mm thick. The overlapping clamping jaws with integrated rubber pad guarantee a secure hold and eliminate unwanted vibration noise. The function of the operating elements on the device an the tablet pencil (portrait format only) are not impaired. The holder can be tilted, allowing each user to position it individually. Whether on stage, in the rehearsal room or at home - thanks to the 3/8" or 5/8" internal thread, the holder can be quickly and easily screwed onto any microphone stand.
Samtals m/vsk
5.690 kr.
Á lager

K-M Mic Stand 3ja liða m/bómu

Three-piece telescoping shaft. Metal, non-marring height-adjustment mechanisms, complete with boom arm. 
Samtals m/vsk
16.108 kr.
Á lager

K-M Spjaldtölvu fest. með statífi

The combination of the stand and the Universal Tablet Holder supports you on stage, at home or in the studio. The individually adjustable support arms can accommodate the use of tablets ranging in height from 222 to 334 mm and width from 128 to 232 mm (for example iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, Amazon Fire HDX 8.9, Samsung Galaxy Tab from 9.7, Google Nexus 9, Asus Transformer or Microsoft Surface as well as Surface Pro). The depth of the tablets can vary between 6 and 11 mm. For the first use of the tablet holder the support arms settings are made by adjusting the clamp screws to the size and depth of the tablet. For other uses the tablet can be attached and detached quickly and simply through a snap lock. A handy wing nut allows one to adjust the angle, so that each user will easily be able to find their ideal individual position. The tablet can switch between portrait and landscape positions. The tablet is kept in place, there is no danger of the tablet switching position by itself. The light and expandable stand can be adjusted to any height between 70 and 155 cm. A small and compact footprint makes this stand easy to transport. 
Samtals m/vsk
15.990 kr.
Á lager