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VNR.: KM12170-000-55

K&M DJ Desk - Borð 117x60cm

Samtals m/vsk
65.990 kr.

Large folding event table for the professional DJ and many other uses. The 1,170 long and 600 mm wide tabletop offers plenty of space for all kinds of equipment and accessories. With a thickness of 25 mm, the MDF top can bear a load of up to 30 kg. The perfect working height is adjusted in 15 mm steps between 625 and 1,045 mm. For transport or space-saving storage, the two feet are folded in without further ado. The sturdy tubular steel construction and the large round levelling end caps give the practical table a very high level of stability and a secure stand.  

Framleiðandi König & Meyer
Samtals m/vsk
65.990 kr.

Nánari lýsing

Bearing plate: 1,170 x 600 mm
Connection stand/plate: screw connection
EAN: 4016842118441
Height: from 625 to 1,045 mm
Height adjustment: spring-loaded clamping knob
Material: steel stand, tabletop MDF
Max. load capacity: 30 kg
Size when folded: 1,170 x 600 x 201 mm
Special features: levelling end cap to stabilize the stand on uneven surfaces; flat and user-friendly package
Type: black
Weight: 22.5 kg

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