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Warm Audio WA76 Discretet comp

Samtals m/vsk
119.990 kr.

WA-76 er klón af 1176, compressor sem kom á markað 1967. Cinemag spennar og allskonar fínerí innanborðs. 

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Samtals m/vsk
119.990 kr.

Nánari lýsing

Classic Style.

The WA76 Discrete Compressor is a modern reproduction of the Classic '76 Revision D.  The WA76 has a fully discrete signal path and uses the original Reichenbach Engineering's (now CineMag) transformer design. The classic '76 was a major breakthrough in limiter technology, and used on hundreds of hit records since its inception.  Engineers have craved the ultra-fast attack time and trademark sound of the '76 for decades, and now it is finally affordable!

Discrete Compressor - Made Affordable.

 Our goal was to make a compressor of this pedigree affordable for the first time, without compromising the quality and design parameters that make this type of compressor so desirable.  

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Audient EVO - 8 rása formagnari/converter

The ultimate studio preamp expander is here. EVO SP8 is designed to be the perfect partner for expanding your existing audio interface. Give your studio the performance and capability boost it needs, providing eight intelligent EVO Preamps that set their own levels with Smartgain, advanced AD/DA converter technology and a versatile range of I/O connectivity. Add to that two JFET instrument inputs, the all new, groundbreaking Motion UI control system and exceptional audio performance across the board. The EVO SP8 might just be the world’s smartest Mic Preamp.
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74.990 kr.
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EVO4 Start recording pack með hljóðnema og heyrnartólum

Start Recording Content Podcasts Streams Music   Start your journey into the world of audio recording with the Start Recording Bundle, a professional, powerful and versatile solution for home recording. Experience a combination of outstanding audio performance and innovative technology to make sure you achieve studio quality recordings from the start.
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Presonus Microstation BT

MicroStation BT is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to add Bluetooth connectivity to their favorite pair of studio or media reference monitors. Compact, convenient, and stylish, MicroStation BT also makes it easy to add a subwoofer to create a 2.1 listening environment while putting the overall system level control right under your fingertips.
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24.990 kr.
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iRig Video Creator HD bundle

Create high-quality, attention-grabbing videos or stream live on all today’s top sites. This new kit gives you all the tools you need to create professional video that will stand out from the crowd, with just your smartphone. Create truly professional video and live-streams for any platform iKlip Grip Pro multi-function stand lets you shoot from the perfect angle iRig Mic HD 2 digital condenser microphone captures radio-ready audio A 10" LED ring light offers color temp and brightness to create any mood Works with all your favorite smartphone apps right out of the box
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26.992 kr.Verð35.990 kr.
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