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CME BT keyboard 25 key

Samtals m/vsk
27.990 kr.

Ultra Slim. Great Design.


Lighter than an iPad!

Xkey Air is made from rugged, brushed aluminium. The same material that is used in Macs.

It only weighs 610g (1.34 lbs) so you won’t even know it’s there. Pop it in your backpack, or use the optional Xkey carry case.


Mac. iPhone / iPad.


(PC and Android can be connected with the WIDI BUD accessory)



Slip Xkey Air into your backpack or carry case and you’re good to go.

Connect it to your favorite device, launch your favorite app … and your recording studio is open for business. Xkey Air is pro standard. But even if you’re still learning to play the keyboard, you’ll love the quality and features.


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Samtals m/vsk
27.990 kr.

Nánari lýsing

Xkey Air Features


Wireless & Low Latency

Bluetooth 4 MIDI controller. Low latency!

Long Battery Life

Powered by a lithium battery for hours of music creation

Real Size Keys

25 or 37 full size keys

Aluminum Body

Robust, high quality construction. Looks great. Same finish as a MacBook.


Download the free Xkey Plus application. Configure your keyboard how you like it.

100% MIDI

Use Xkey with your favorite music apps on your favorite devices. Works out of the box.

Mobile Native

For iPhone or iPad. Compatible with hundreds of free and pro apps.

Polyphonic Aftertouch

Your pressure on the keys controls the effect individually. Professional studio standard feature.


Made for travelers and mobile users. Fit in any bag & case!

Regular Updates

Benefit from upcoming new features. Upgrade your Xkey online!

Smart Buttons

Octave Change, Pitch Bend, Modulation, and Sustain function buttons.

Velocity Sensitive

Play loud with one hand, soft with the other. There’s 128 levels of sensitivity.

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